Home Staging & Pre-Sale Improvements

Maria Miller Design offers a fresh take on home staging in the San Francisco Bay Area. What sets us apart from other home stagers is our 22+ years in the interior design & residential building market, giving us a trained eye on how best to enhance a home.  After being the Designer on dozens of "Spec Projects" we realized there was a strong need for our design services in the Home Staging arena to provide current and comfortable interiors showcasing a property's approachable elegance.  With a warehouse full of furniture and accessories we can quickly furnish homes to get them on the market and sold quickly.   

Staged Homes

Whether it's traditional or modern design, our classic lines appeal to a wide array of Buyers by balancing neutrals with interesting textures and pattern. We always make sure to weave in eclectic accessories and splashes of color to create an up-beat environment. 

Kitchen Remodel 1.png

Pre-Sale Improvements

  • Paint plan schemes for interiors / exteriors.
  • Flooring replacement.
  • Lighting and hardware replacement.
  • Curb appeal styling. 
  • KITCHEN & BATH:   We can create permit-ready plans for a full remodel. Or we can come up with strategic cosmetic changes to your existing layout. 
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Staging Consults & Partial/Occupied Homes 

CONSULTATIONS:   Geared towards the DIY homeowner who wants to work with their existing furnishings. We provide a home staging consultation service to help you reorganize living spaces, declutter rooms, and create a warm, friendly and open environment. These changes may be the difference between selling quickly or having your house languish on the market.  

PARTIAL / OCCUPIED HOME STAGING:    Let us take care of the details to take the pressure off of you getting your house ready for market. Our staging team will come in and make use of your existing furnishings to enhance the space and best features of your home. We typically bring in select pieces from our inventory which complement each area to get your house photo-ready.